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PAs for Tomorrow is a professional group of PAs committed to the idea that the PA profession must present itself accurately, as autonomous professionals, to survive and prosper in the future medical care marketplace. We believe that every PA must be represented by a title that accurately describes their full worth. We believe in action, terminology, and legislation that will remove barriers to PA practice, allowing us to provide our care more effectively and more efficiently. We believe our profession needs quality research that quantifies our full impact in the medical world across our varied scopes of practice, both in primary care and specialties. We believe in fair reimbursement for all clinicians, regardless of their title. PAs impact and benefit the lives of millions of patients each day, both across the United States and throughout the world. It is time for our profession to show it.

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Autonomy Update

Brian Sady, PA-C
December 2016

The AAPA’s Joint Task Force on the Future of PA Practice Authority, chaired by AAPA past president Jeff Katz, was announced in October 2016. The task force was created in response to the AAPA House of Delegates pulling the Full Practice Responsibility resolution to committee during the May 2016 AAPA conference in San Antonio, Texas. The newly created task force met in October in Alexandria, Virginia for two days to discuss the future practice directions of the PA profession. The task force made the following recent announcement:

In order to realize PA Full Practice Authority and Responsibility, the AAPA would have to adopt policy changes and take action to:

·       Emphasize our profession’s continued commitment to team-based practice.

·       Support the elimination of provisions in laws and regulations that require a PA to have and/or report a supervisory, collaborating or other specific relationship with a physician in order to practice.

·       Advocate for the establishment of autonomous state boards, with a voting membership comprised of a majority PAs, to license, regulate, and discipline PAs.

·       Ensure that PAs are eligible to be reimbursed directly by public and private insurance.”

Taken from on 12/2/16

The task force has PAs from 10 states and includes present PAFT director at large Brian Sady from Nevada, Founder and Co-Chair of the PAFT National Task Force for PA Autonomy, and Beth Smolko from Maryland, present AAPA board member and the primary author for the Full Practice Responsibility resolution mentioned above. PAFT supports the proposed changes listed above and will continue to work towards Full Practice Authority for PAs. We will update our members as more information becomes available.

Please do not hesitate to contact the board with any questions or concerns you may have.

If you have an article of interest or a statement you would like us to consider for publication in the newsletter, please forward it to our attention.

Thank you,

Eric Holden, PA, DHSc
Emergency Medicine PA
Doctor of Health Science & Global Health
President, PAFT

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PAs for Tomorrow is a  professional organization for all PAs of all specialties.  It represents the future interests of all PAs, providing a vocal core group of PAs committed to seeing the PA profession reach its deserved place among America's health care providers and advocating for their role as providers of high-quality, cost-effective, comprehensive and patient-centered health care. 

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